Artificial Flowers & Plants - Realistic plastic and silk flowers

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1. Are artificial plants, flowers, and trees better than the real thing? This is a matter of personal choice. To make an informed decision you need to have tried to have had both real and artificial varieties in your home or workplace. Artificial flowers, plants and trees have come a long way in the last few years. Tacky, unrealistic replicas of real plants have been replaced by realistic imitations. We invite you to come in to our large showroom and see our range and make an informed choice. Perhaps if you look at some of the benefits of artificial versus real your decision can be made a little easier.

  • Low maintenance - Artificial plants, flowers and trees require no watering, feeding or trimming. You can’t kill them.
  • Portability - Artificial plants, flowers and trees can be easily moved around your work place or home with minimal effort.
  • Low allergenic - People with allergies to flowers and plants can breathe easy.
  • Durability - Artificial plants, trees and flowers can withstand indoor and outdoor temperatures.
  • Longevity - Artificial plants, trees and flowers look great all year round. The seasonal changes do not change their appearance.

2. Are artificial plants, flowers and trees costly? Certainly not! Artificial plants, flowers and trees are generally cheaper than real ones. Combine this with the benefits outlined above, plus not having to water them, trim them and fertilize them, and you can see they certainly work out less expensive than real ones.

3. Where should I place my artificial flowers and plants? This is entirely up to you and your circumstances. You can place them outdoors under the patio, in your family room, kitchen, outdoors on the patio etc. If you have an office or commercial premises, why not place them near the reception area to add style and flair.

4. Are your artificial plants and trees suitable for outdoors, will they fade? Artificial plants, flowers and trees can last a long time if placed away from direct sunlight and not exposed to full weather, for example under a patio, veranda or portico. We don't recommend to place artificial plants outdoors where exposed to direct sunlight and full weather. No exchange or refund can be provided if the artificial plants become faded or damaged. 

5. How do I maintain my artificial plants and trees? Easy. A quick wipe periodically with a damp cloth is all that is required to maintain artificial plants, flowers and trees.